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These clothes are for living. We want to see what you’re doing, where you’re going, how you’re wearing ISAORA. Culled from the web, we’re picking out some of our favorite shots and putting them here, at ISAORA IN ACTION. If you want to be featured, just give us a #ISAORA shout-out. We’ll know where to find you. 



State your name:
Thai Huy Truong

Place of residence:
Oklahoma City

I'm going to school to be an Aviation Maintenance Technician. 

On your off-time, you:
I like to find new places to go run/hike, going off the trail and get lost. 

I own a few ISAORA pants. They’ve been through a few hikes with broken branches and thorny bushes and they've held up surprisingly well.

You can follow Thai at @HUYDINIRO