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ISAORA’s Road Trip Essentials


Make no mistake—we’ll extol the virtues of the finest technical fabrics and Japanese design for all eternity, but there’s nothing quite like the classically American idea of the road trip. Movies have been made, books written by everyone from Kerouac to Thompson. It’s a veritable rite of passage. And so, not wanting to disappoint the greats who have come before us, ISAORA got in the car and tore down the West Coast. Starting in Seattle and ending in San Diego, we saw the Redwood National Forest, Joshua Tree, Tahoe, and enough roadside diners to last us for a few years. 

We got the whole thing on film—edited for your sake—but we broke down the trip with ISAORA co-founder Ricky Hendry, providing the “ISAORA Road Trip Essentials,” if you will. Use this as a guidebook, a suggestion, a nudge in the right direction—namely getting up, getting out, and just going.

Alright, who was on the trip?
Ricky (me) and Marc from ISAORA, accompanied by various members of the extended ISAORA family: Jake from The Coveteur, Producer Pete, Phil “Hard Work” Chang, Alex and Larry, and our guide/driver Brian.

Favorite place along the way:
Too many to mention. There’s such a diverse range of landscapes, each beautiful in their own unique way. Most spectacular was probably the Oregon coastline and the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Yo, anything weird happen?
Strangest stop was Pioneertown just outside of Joshua Tree—a Wild West, tumbleweed kina place that was built as a film set for Westerns in the ‘40s and is now a functioning inhabited town. Breakfast in the local saloon was a pretty weird moment.

So you’re driving for hours and starving. What do you do?
Whatever random truck stop or roadside diner that’s opening and serving something approximating food.

Snack staples on the go:
Power bars. Mostly junk.

Motel/ Hotel/ Holiday Inn? Where’d you stay?
All of the above. W Hotels in Seattle, San Francisco, and San Diego. The Harmony Motel in Joshua Tree. Camping in the Redwood National Park and on the Oregon coast. On the couch at Omer’s place in Mammoth.

Road trip travel essentials:
Food, beer, a dry pack, portable wi-fi router, sleeping bag, ISAORA lightweight waterproof jacket, fire starters, and a sense of humor.

Okay, where’s next on the ISA tour?
New Zealand? Patagonia? TBD.