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The color indigo had been around for a long time. Like, forever—as in the dawn of this planet, as ubiquitous as sunshine, mountains, all that. Colors came with the package; humans just came in and tried to recreate approximations of nature. While the origins of indigo dye aren’t as old, the use of the color in garments and artifacts dates back as far as 1600 b.c., when it was still being extracted from (the aptly named) indigo and woad plants. In other words, we’ve had some time to get this right.

Of course, things have changed a bit since those early days. The Industrial Revolution brought an unsustainable boon in the demand for indigo, owed to one Levi Strauss, who needed the shade for his massively popular jeans. Chemists went on the hunt for synthetic methods to reproduce indigo vibes without the need for indigo plants. The task was eventually completed by Adolf von Baeyer after 14 long years of research, winning him a Nobel Prize in 1905 for his efforts.  

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Image courtesy of Melissa McCrann. To see more of her work, click here.