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URBANSCREEN at the Gasometer Oberhausen


Top-notch machinery and Auto Bahn-worthy cars aren't the only thing Germany is totally pro about pushing out. Bremen-based creative studio URBANSCREEN has created what has to be one of the coolest, most immersive light shows we've ever seen. Their "320° licht" installation currently on display at Oberhausen's Gasometer projects kinetic patterns onto the cavernous walls and ceiling of a repurposed disc-type gas holder built in the 1920s, a remnant of the heavy industry that once dominated the Ruhr.

The installation is both complimentary and transformative, utilizing the space to then alter it entirely. Using incredibly sophisticated interior projections, sturdy walls begin to warp and twist, undulate and shift like something out of your favorite sci-fi flick. Heightening the otherworldly nature of this optical trick is an accompanying soundtrack that plays in tandem with the 22-minute loop of visuals.    

"320° licht" is part of the Gasometer's "The Appearance of Beauty" exhibition, running until December 30th, 2014, which means you've got a few months to save up for a flight to Deutschland. Until then, watch the video below.


Photos courtesy of Wolfgang Volz for URBANSCREEN.