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Weird Science: Dressing for Airless Moonscapes


With a 360 view and relatively tailored pants (considering the time), the Republic Aviation Corporation went to task designing a suit for “the well-dressed man” in need of a “stroll over the airless moonscape.” You know, something casual, like walking your space dog, or buying astronaut ice cream—whatever people do in the future. Being as it was 1960, this was of a practical and topical concern, of course, given that the world was smack in the middle of the Space Race.

Designed with a considerably spacious interior, one could still wear their freshly pressed slacks and button-ups to work (like this smartly dressed gent) and, thoughtful designers that they were, the tripod legs affixed to the waist could support a man when he felt like sitting down (walks on the moon, I imagine, would be quite tiring). From a practical standpoint the suit leaves much to be desired, what with those weird little wrench hands and all. But that crisp, blinding white is still looking fresh, even if looks a bit like you just cut windows in a trash can and threw it over your head.

Might be for the best we didn’t colonize the moon after all.  

Photo courtesy of Sam Falk/ The New York Times/ Redux.