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Exploring the Nature of the Universe with Sungfeel Yun


Containing the nature of the universe in one sculpture is no small task, but it’s one Korean artist Sungfeel Yun repeatedly attempts to convey in his art. Working predominately with circles and spheres, Yun explores the principles of quantum mechanics, the underlying idea expanding upon the notion that all things are connected; the problem is simply we, limited humans that we are, just can’t see the connection. And so you’ll get things like Yun’s interactive piece “Looking at the Real World from Within the Real World,” where a hidden magnet rotates behind a sculpture, sweeping around unseen until brought into contact with a thrown fistful of steel filings, illuminating what was, in reality, there all along.

In execution, the work can be exceedingly minimalist, despite the vast and esoteric nature of his concepts. The themes of life and death are inherently present—just another circular process in a universe working within a circular system, everything going on without any real definitive end. Creation and extinction, beginnings wrapped into endings. The universe is always moving through its natural cycles, progressing forward.

Yun attempts to display the inherent underlying order in a seemingly chaotic world operating in disorder. Perhaps his most mesmerizing execution of which is his Energy Series (2005-2006), which turns steel shapes into the slick, sleek embodiment of perpetual circulation, each piece wrapping around itself endlessly, configured in its own individual way. Even his choice of materials and scale of his work infers the firm and concrete nature of in his beliefs: Steady and strong, never static.


All photos courtesy of Sungfeel Yun.