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Hong Kong's Brutalist Megacities


For a second, you think you’re looking at what appears to be the inside of a computer’s circuit board, rusty wires and grids forming linear links, a complicated, internal design beyond comprehension. Until something catches your eye: rows of metal cubes reveal themselves as thousands of identical air conditioning units, rectangles of varying opacity transform into mismatched windows of a factory, a row of clothes hanging out to dry is wrenched into focus. Gradually, you realize that you’re looking at a small, dizzying portion of incomprehensibly large buildings, towers that seem to proceed skyward indefinitely, without end. Whether industrial or residential, German-born/ Hong Kong-based photographer Michael Wolf documents the nearly unfathomably realities of Hong Kong’s incredibly dense architecture—often a dizzying, compact, almost inhumane construct of concrete and glass. 



All photos courtesy of Michael Wolf