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The World Cup. Distilled.


If the red MG tearing down my street yesterday honking enthusiastically and waving three German flags is any indication, the 2014 FIFA World Cup is officially over, with Deutschland clutching the prize. It was a month-long viewing bender, where (speaking for New York City here) work went untended to, “sick days” called in, and viewers crammed into summer sweaty bars for midday games. Team USA might have been beat by Belgium in round 16, but there are no losers here. What we lost in actual goals, America gained in viewers. Without question, the 2014 World Cup was one for the books, with this great country of ours tuning in like never before. Yes, the collective United States of America finally understands this whole futbol thing. Finally.

And so if you enjoyed the games, you’ll likely enjoy these minimalistic posters from designer Rick Hincks, in which he freeze-frames pivotal moments from various World Cup games, rendering the specifics—where the players were standing, the trajectory of the ball, the arc of its path—in simple play-by-play form. In two colors (white for the action, color for the club’s identity, Hincks recreates all the nail-biting, shallow breathing, and collective cheers that defined the last month of World Cup games. And for those of us who routinely found ourselves blinded by the speed of these moves while they were actually going down (and were too busy grabbing a drink to catch the replay in slow-mo on the TV), these will help jog the memory.

Until then, see you in 2018.    

Images courtesy of Rick Hincks.