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ISAORA's Feelbetter Guide to Winter


Every season comes with its strategy: What to wear, where to go, how to manage. If you’ve lived in colder climates long enough, you know what you have to do to get through it without letting it break you. And though we’re just at the bottom of that mountain, staring down winter with every leaf that turns colors and lands on the sidewalk in surrender, we’d thought it would be a good idea to get a little ahead of ourselves in preparation. So we reached out to some of our ISAORA ambassadors to see how they intend to Feelbetter, all season long. Take notes.

Sean Penncils: I go out in the extreme weather to make art in the streets when everyone else is inside cuddling! And if not there, then in my studio making art (or in my friends’ studios in NYC). I keep my mind occupied to survive and try not to focus on the weather.

Mikkel Hess: After a summer with a lot of concerts and extroverted activities, I plan to dork out at the studio when winter comes. Hot tea and loud music is my recipe for survival.  

Tim Richardson: I go out west whenever possible during the winter. I love the Mojave Desert/Joshua Tree in winter. The light is amazing. Travel is usually for work so I like to stay in the US on holidays.

Stas May: Embrace the weather and go snowboarding or rent a house upstate…or go to Thailand as I’m doing at the end of December. Haha.

Ben Stubbington: Part of me loves the seasons of New York. It’s good to ride your bike with less people on the street and surf in less busy waters. I keep heading out east most of the year—less people and more solitude resonates with me. Just some good friends and family. But what has become my fall and winter tradition is visiting two of my best friends in California. They pick me up from the airport and we head straight to the coast—be it OC, Ventura, or Big Sur—and camp out, surf, hike, and cook under the stars every night for a few days, putting the world to rights, surfed out with a drink in our hands.

Jake Choi: In the winter I usually like to travel somewhere warm even if it's for a long weekend. A lot of hot toddies and yoga/gym. But most of the time is spent in my room cuz NYC winters are a bitch!