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The Next Best Thing To Being an Astronaut


A trip to Iceland isn’t like a trip to just anywhere; it’s really a trip to another planet. Within twenty minutes of stepping off the plane from whatever comparatively boring place you’ve just left, you’re fully engulfed by Iceland’s Mars-like landscape, where moss covered lava creates a totally unfamiliar terrain—the first of many you’re about to encounter. Unless, of course, you’re an astronaut, and maybe this whole country won’t necessarily bowl you over. For those us of who haven’t had the opportunity to dive headlong into the NASA program, Iceland remains an earth-bound novelty just as interesting as the extraterrestrial, but much closer to home.

Relaying the landscape’s story are photographers like Jenny Harmsen, who capture the Island of Bjork in all its weird, topographical glory—from the calcified puddles of the Blue Lagoon to the multicolored volcanic rock covering the empty countryside. There’s nothing lacking here, and the muted, cinematic pictures really do Iceland the justice it deserves.

So if you haven’t already booked your ticket, flip through the shots. It’s the next best thing to going there yourself… which we don’t recommend doing until summer 2015, when temperatures hover around a whopping 56 degrees. For the brave, head there in February to catch the Northern Lights, just don't forget a very serious jacket or two.

Photos courtesy of Jenny Harmsen.