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The ISAORA Thanksgiving Survival Guide


By now, you're probably sitting at your desk, mentally checked-out in anticipation of the upcoming holiday. That's right: Thanksgiving is here again. Which means you've probably got some combination of packing, flying, driving, or--at the very least, cooking to do for the occasion. We thought we'd put together a list of gear that will serve you well. 

Neo Bomber Jacket

Made with a two-tone bonded "Neoprene" knit and designed with a keen eye for optimal performance, our take on the classic will have you out by the shed, deftly chopping wood for the fire in no time. Or at least give you something to impress your grandma with. 

3L Tech UX Parka Shell

This early in the season, the weather can be a little non-comital (kind of like how you signed up to bring the easiest dish on the Thanksgiving potluck list). Too warm to snow, too cold to rain, the result is a slushy annoyance known as "wintery mix." Layered over a warm sweatshirt, the waterproof Parka Shell will have you covered for the most inconsistent of weather, keeping you warm and dry on your sensible post-dinner walk through the neighborhood. 

Insulated Tech Oxford

If ever there were a time for our Insulated Tech Oxford to shine, it would be a chilly, al fresco Thanksgiving dinner that still demands you look sharp for the occasion. (If you're hosting one of these, we'll wait for your invite.) Taking inspiration from the most classic of button-ups, our Oxford has the added benefit of PrimaLoft insulation. So long as you're not required to wear a tie, you'll be good to go. 


Tek Lux Terry Sweatpant

There's nothing worse than having to loosen the belt buckle on a pair of already too-tight jeans in the middle of dinner to make room for round 4. That's why we suggest avoiding the issue entirely, starting with a pair of comfortable drawstring sweats. You'll look good. You'll have room for more pie. This is how every holiday should be.  


Merino Henley

After all the eating, the cleanup, the talking to your uncle about how to properly trim hedges, there is nothing better than putting on your most comfortable clothes, sitting on the couch, and doing absolutely nothing. This is certainly the shirt for that task. 

Photo courtesy of @Bubuiori via Instagram.