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An Interview with Photographer Adrian Bogatsky


A photographer since high school, it wasn’t actually until 2013 that West Coast creative Adrian Bogatsky fully invested in the medium following brain surgery. “I had nothing but time on my hands, so I invested in a Canon Mark III,” Bogatsky says of the creative impetus. The uncommon catalyst pushed him into shooting, an investment that has surely paid off.

Born and raised in San Francisco, Sky captures the city at its finest. His macro urban landscapes, taken from above and far away, show SF’s architectural landmarks shrouded in clouds. Juxtaposed against Sky’s nature shots taken outside of the urban world, his body of work serves as a testament to the rarity of a place that is SF, with the organic and the manmade informing each other in spades.

Below, we chat with Sky about where the best Chinese food in the world is (hint: SF), driving down the PCH, and his city’s most unique attribute.

Current place of residence:

Sunset District, San Francisco

Describe your city in two words:

Organic. True.

Favorite part about SF:

My favorite part about SF is the fog. I love the mood and setting. We don’t get snow like New York, but the Fog sure does make up for it, giving the city a unique look.

Favorite place to shoot in SF:

My favorite place would be Fort Point. You have a view of the cityscape and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Best park in SF:

Mount Davidson but only on a foggy day.

What are the positives of a crowded sidewalk?

Walking targets… capture the hustle.

Favorite road trip outside of SF when you’re wanting some nature:

Up Highway 1, down the coast.

Food that SF does better than anyone else:

Chinese food.

One thing you can get in SF that you can't get anywhere else:

IT’S-IT Ice Cream!!!!!!

Three activities you do for fun outside of shooting:

Where it all started for me: graffiti, art, and music.

Where would you live if you didn’t live in SF?

That’s a hard one. If I had to choose it would probably be New York. I lived there for three years and had some of the best moments of my life.

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