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Your New Cure for Holiday Boredom


As the week nears its close, people are officially shutting things down and gearing up for the holidays, which is code word for traffic, traveling, too much butter, a few weird conversations with that cousin you’ve never understood, and the subsequent need to get out of the house for awhile. Depending on where you live, maybe it’s a trip to the movies, a bowling alley, a forgotten hut in the backyard. Or, if you happen to be taking your holidays in the spacious, snow-covered tundra, making snow art with your shoes!

Yes, it’s a little bit like that movie Signs, only without the aliens or the cornfields or Mel Gibson. It’s just you, a good jacket, and the pure open wilderness. Oh, and an almost uncanny ability to make patterns on the ground without knowing how good they will look like once you stand back and take a gander from above. Fingers crossed you are innately creative.

For inspiration, just look across the pond. European orienteer/artist Simon Beck has pretty much become the authority on this activity, with an inborn affinity for heading out into the middle of nowhere without getting lost and having access to large swaths of untouched Austrian powder. And while you’re parents’ backyard won’t have such a widespread canvas and your work might not look worthy of a photo shoot, at least you’ll have an excuse when you’re seen walking back and forth muttering to yourself for a few hours.

Photos courtesy of Simon Beck.