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All Those Roads Less Traveled


When you've been stuck in a city long enough, you begin to forget there are traveling alternatives to sidewalks. You know, like roads and shortcuts through brambles and things. Yes, a whole world exists beyond your urban bubble, and it's nice to reacquaint yourself with it every now and again. And while that might not always mean hopping in the car and setting up camp somewhere, it definitely entails some internet crawling. 

No matter the season, photographer Elena Morelli manages to capture the mood of the landscape, from snow-covered trees to rolling fog fit for a scene out of your favorite horror movie. It's a refreshing change from the urban landscapes we've become so entrenched in, and a reminder that there are bodies of water out there in the world that reflect majestic mountainsides and changing foliage, not just the underside of a McDonald's hamburger wrapper stuck in a gutter puddle. 

If only we could import some fresh air along with these. 

Images courtesy of Elena Morelli.