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Borough Bound: An Interview with @dxtrf


Rain or shine, snow or sleet, 24-year-old photographer @dxtrf is out there, shooting the city’s bridges, underpasses, skylines, streets, alleys, and icons. His work assesses the city from above, where passing cars and people play second fiddle to the massive buildings casting shadows, the rivers on either side that seem to separate Manhattan from the rest of the world. Each image exaggerates the idea that the city has, is, and will always come first, playing host to a future history of people who will come here to make something of their lives, just like everyone who did before them. While its inhabitants give this place a pulse, New York City is the unforgettable infrastructure that makes it all possible.

Brooklyn-based @dxtrf seemed as good a person as any to talk bodega breakfasts, weekend commutes, and life at zero-g.

Where’s home?

Grew up in Crown Heights. Currently living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Your neighborhood in 3 words:

Random, loud and weird.

Worst part about New York:

Waiting for a train running on the weekend schedule.  

Best part about New York:

All the hidden gems. You'll have to scout every inch of the city to find them all.

What keeps you from losing it in the winter?

I actually like the winter. I think it's when I'm most creative. 

You have $15 to blow at your bodega. You buy…

Bacon egg and cheese sandwich with extra bacon, 40oz and a Snickers bar.

Life on earth would be better with zero gravity. True or false?


Favorite New York-based movie:

Gangs of New York

Best time of day to shoot in New York:

Sunrise, right before everyone wakes up.

If you had to pick one song to define your time living in New York, it would be...

Juicy" by Notorious B.I.G

Pick one: 98-degree day in August or a -3 day in February.

-3 in February

Worst/best thing that’s ever happened to you on the subway:

Having a conversation with a complete stranger about how weird it is that millions of people ride the subway every day, sit next to each other, but never say a word to each other.

Favorite city:

Besides New York, Toronto

One place you would rather be right now:

Exploring in China. 

Photos courtesy of @dxtrf via Instagram.