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This Photographer Wants to Shoot Your Commute


Poland-based photographer Erik Witsoe has a way of capturing people moving through the urban winter landscape and making it look charming, even in spite of all the slush and sideways-moving snow. With each image featuring a decidedly European backdrop, Witsoe takes timeless photographs of city dwellers on their walking commutes, come sleet or wintery mix. As an American expat originally from Seattle, Witsoe’s work has an outsider, touristic quality to it (that's a compliment here), where the mundane--like shlepping to the grocery store in a blizzard--is looked at in a slightly different light, and lends the minutia heft others might not find. We picked out some of our favorite shots of people walking through the snow, snapped by Witsoe.

Photos courtesy of Erik Witsoe.