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The Work of Tim Richardson


Alien and angular, Tim Richardson’s images jump off the page with a unique, distinctive dimensionality. It is a modern take on fashion and commerce, and one that has earned him portrait sessions with such progressive and groundbreaking subjects like Brooke Candy and Spike Lee, as well as editorials with envelope-pushing publications V Magazine, Oyster, and Dazed and Confused, just to name a few.

Richardson’s extraterrestrial limits push even further in his films, where his futuristic vision gets pumped up with the help of added visual elements that allow for his frames to pause, bend, warp, shift, stutter, and slide--all to a complimentary soundtrack that makes for a fully immersive experience.

We dug around the ISAORA Brand Ambassador’s archives to find some of our favorite images. For an all-encompassing view of his work, including clips from his engaging videos, we recommend visiting his website

Photos courtesy of Tim Richardson