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The Geometric Life of Buckminster Fuller


Buckminster Fuller (Bucky, for short) had the type of mind that operated in a world of its own. He was a neo-futuristic architect and systems theorist who, amongst other successes, popularized the geodesic dome. Fuller often did not conform to rules or norms, even from a young age. He was expelled from Harvard on two separate occasions. The first for apparently partying with the vaudeville set, and the second, after having been readmitted, for "irresponsibility and lack of interest." Fuller was a non-conformist for whom boredom in school was almost a birthright. Boredom, when digested by the ambitious, can lead to revolutions. While Fuller's designs might have never caught on in a mass scale (you don't see many of his Dymaxion mobiles tearing down the road), he is remembered for his unique take on the world and the spaces that we exist in. 

Photos via Tumblr.