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Livio Vacchini's Linear Gymnasium


With an exacting rhythm and pace, the concrete facade of Swiss architect Livio Vacchini’s gymnasium in Locarno, Switzerland presents itself in solitary form in the middle of a field. Not allowing the viewer to immediately determine its function or easily discover its entrance, the building appears, in effect, a stand-alone, impenetrable fort. Behind its sturdy external columns, however, is a well-lit athletic center, with an interior that mimics the exterior, down to even its shadows.

Favoring to maximize rather than minimize, Vacchini's work is as grandiose as it is simple, with pared down designs executed on a massive scale. Vacchini stayed true to form throughout his career, using a combination of modern techniques mixed with classical traditions, caring not for trends or timeliness, but for the thoroughness of pure thought in a work, a concept we could all certainly benefit from in our current world of the scattered and ephemeral.

Take note.


Photos courtesy of forthesienceofsleep.