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Icelandic Ice Caves


With 45-degree days blazing through New York City this week, winter seems all but a distant, miserable memory we'd rather push far, far into the back of the caverns of our mind. To harken back to the frigid temps that have dominated the last four months, we're diving deep into some Icelandic ice caves, which look about as rock solid cold as anything out there.

Shot by photographer Skarpi Thrainsson, the images capture the rich, pure cobalt of one of the European continent's largest glaciers, Vatnajökull. Like a scene out of a sci-fi movie (or certainly suited for any James Bond villain), light hits every carved, brilliant ridge of ice with a mean white sheen, so compressed over the years that hardly any oxygen bubbles remain. 

You thought this winter was cold? Try hanging out in one of these for more than ten minutes.  

Photos courtesy of Skarpi Thrainsson