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Lake Las Vegas


Chipping, shaving, and cutting away, home developers in Las Vegas have been transforming the desert landscape over the years, carving plots of land for mega mansions with in-ground pools out of dry, barren hillsides. Call it the new suburban terraform. Documenting the phenomenon since 2010, San Francisco-based photographer Michael Light has captured a stunning series of photographs in a two-part book, Lake Las Vegas 2012. With his aerial images, Light’s work depicts scenes beyond the infamous Las Vegas Strip, where roads create foreign and unfamiliar grids in luxury housing developments, the green over over-watered lawns in vibrant opposition to the dusty brown of open lots. Paired with straightforward images of nature left as is, the juxtaposition offers a silent opinion piece about the unsustainable state of suburban landscapes in areas that pay no heed to the requirements of their natural surroundings.  

Photos courtesy of Michael Light