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The Tao of Mount Hua


If you want to take your spring hiking to the next level, make the not-so-short trek to Huashan National Park in China, where you’ll find Mount Hua, one of the most terrifying trails in the world. Standing at 2,154 meters tall (that’s roughly 7067 feet for you Americans out there), tackling the mountain, which is comprised of a cluster of five separate peaks, requires a stomach for heights and the ability to navigate nearly vertical ascents, narrow passages, and the iron ferrata that offer some stability (and comfort, if you’re so easily assuaged). The reward for the brave--as there so often must be--is a sweeping vista of an incredible landscape and the pride of knowing you've conquered one of the five holy Taoist mountains in China. If you feel like tackling this trip, you’d be wise to take a few pages out of the Taoist book, namely the importance of staying grounded… literally.

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