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An Interview with Vancouver's Vui Nguyen


Vancouver’s residents seem to live under a constant cloud of grayish fog, most days defined by a milky blue at best. But that doesn’t stop the masses from flocking to British Columbia’s coastal metropolis. The city is one of the most densely populated in North America, trailing behind beasts like NYC, San Fran, and Mexico City. Located on the Burrard Peninsula, Vancouver is about as engulfed by water and vegetation as a large city could possibly hope to be, combining both urban and natural landscapes in one enviable swoop. (Our fair East River in NYC seems to pale in comparison.) Documenting the city’s trees and towers is Vui Nguyen, self-described “full-time student and part-time lifeguard.” Just 17 years old, Nguyen already has a firm grasp on what her city has to offer. Here, we talk to Vui about Vancouver’s diversity, hockey stereotypes, and Canadian poutine.

Describe your city in three words:

Vancouver in three words would be fresh, colourful, and endless.

What’s your favorite building in Vancouver?

My favourite building in Vancouver would be the Dominion Building located in Gastown. It has a lot of history to it. It was Vancouver's first steel-framed high rise and was once the tallest building in the British Empire! (Also, there's a pretty cool staircase in this building.)

What’s the most interesting thing about Vancouver?

This city is never plain or boring. It always feels diverse and multicultural.

What’s the worst thing about Vancouver?

Vancouver is an expensive city to live in. It has the most expensive housing market in Canada and is ranked as the third least affordable major city in the world! But you get what you pay for: The houses here are gorgeous.

What’s the biggest stereotype about Vancouver that isn’t true?

WE LOVE HOCKEY!!! We do have a lot of hockey fans but not all of us are into it.

What’s the biggest stereotype about Vancouver that IS true?

Most beautiful city in the world, for sure.

Best food you can get in Vancouver that you can’t get anywhere else?

Vancouver's food is so multicultural. We don't have a specific Canadian food other than poutine.

If someone was traveling to Vancouver, what three places must they check out?

Stanley Park: Views are stellar, peaceful, and simply gorgeous.

Granville Island: Village-type place with shops and markets you won't find anywhere else. It draws people from all over the world and no one is disappointed.

Downtown Vancouver: Walking the streets of Downtown has great vibes, great food, and cool architecture.

Photos courtesy of @v.ngyn via Instagram.