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A Drone’s Eye View


Drones have gotten plenty of bad press for their unfair predatory advantage when it comes to the battlefield. But what about using drones’ more avian-like capabilities and applying them to art? New Zealand photographer Amos Chapple did just that with his series of totally incredible images of iconic international landmarks taken from previously impossible angles with the help of--you guessed it--a drone.

Flying high above cityscapes--from the colorful spires of St. Petersburg to the sandstone structures of India--Chapple shoots familiar buildings from never-before-seen angles. Too low for airplanes, too high for humans, the captivating work hits that surreal sweet spot that only a drone’s POV can achieve. In expansive landscapes, these still life images paint an incredibly robust portrait of a city, expanding far beyond the stock images we’ve seen time and time again. Everything from the Sacre Coeur to the Taj Mahal gets a chance to be seen in the way the original architects could only dream of, changing not only our perspective on the urban environment, but on the possibilities of drones themselves.

Photos courtesy of Amos Chapple