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6 Great Urban Running Trails


Think running a trail means taking it through the woods? Think again. These city-bound paths snake their way through, around, and beyond urban centers, making an outdoor workout accessible to any city dweller with the will and resolve to keep things moving. 

LONDON: Thames Path

Blaze past the infamous River Thames as you follow the river back to its source in the Cotswold Hills, roughly 184 miles away. London’s portion of the path alone spans a hefty 40 miles and passes plenty of landmarks, from Tower Bridge to Canary Wharf. Photo by @thetfish via Instagram.

NEW YORK CITY: The High Line

It’d be easy to pan the High Line as just another unappealing tourist trap, but the stretch of converted elevated railway is one of the best public spaces the city now has to offer. Run with plum views of the Hudson--just keep your eyes out for hoards of people taking sunset selfies. Photo by @veronikak4 via Instagram.

SHANGHAI: Xuhui Riverside

Not just for runners, the Xuhui Riverside Park is the spot, whether you’re rock climbing, skating, or playing basketball. They’ve even got crash mats for anyone interested in practicing their backflips in public. Photo by @judithw via Instagram.

HONG KONG: Hong Kong Trail

With trails stretching far beyond Hong Kong’s city center, the 31-mile trail takes you up through the islands unpopulated hillsides. If you’re planning to head down the less frequented paths, just make sure you time it right: there aren’t any campsites to crash out in the instance you don’t make it back before dark. Photo by @katflash via Instagram.


Spanning just over 4 miles in length, Sydney’s Bay Run wraps around most of the city’s Iron Cove and is a year-round favorite for a harbourside jaunt. Photo by @peter_titmuss via Instagram.

NEW ORLEANS: French Quarter Running Tour

While everyone else nurses Sazerac hangovers, hit the soiled streets of New Orleans’ French Quarter early and enjoy the open road. If the idea seems too healthy a concept in a city known for its debauchery, you can always wrap your tour up with a morning beignet to settle the score. Photo by @cceila_h via Instagram.