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Evan Robarts’ Sports Nostalgia


Brooklyn-based artist Evan Robarts works in nostalgia. From melted popsicles on wooden sticks to bent grocery store brooms, Robarts has a way of reinterpreting the past with a modern, unique construction. The works are always doubly charged, borrowing from the built-in references of our pre-established associations with the found objects used, and the viewer's newfound relationships with the freshly presented form. His series of sports-related images is enough to put you right back on the field you grew up swinging on… but not quite. Spheres of all origins and purposes (globes, tangerines, tennis balls) get lodged in a portion of a chain link fence. Then there’s the basketball hoop left turned on its side, extension cord left trailing and purposeless on the ground. A cluster of balls become a collective satellite of playground memories. Robarts’ interpretation of an athletic past gets filtered through a creative prism and then spit back out--the memory of a dream of your youth, rather than a memory of youth itself.   

Photos courtesy of Evan Robarts