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5 of the Windiest Cities in the World


Any New Yorker who’s ever walked towards the Hudson River in the middle of February knows the true horrors of an urban wind tunnel. The same goes for 5th Avenue, where air seems to barrel between buildings running north and south down Manhattan. But when it comes to strong breezes, NYC doesn’t have nothing on these international locations, where the wind blows strong enough to pick you up and send you flying to the next county (almost). Herewith, some of the blusteriest locations on earth. Don’t forget a jacket.

Wellington, New Zealand

With prime real estate in a wind corridor between New Zealand’s south and north island, Wellington is basically windy all of the time. Nearly half of the year the town is subjected to gusts reaching 60 km/h--that’s about 37 MPH for everyone out there on standard units. On two separate occasions in 1959 and 1962, Wellington recorded wind speeds of a whopping 154 MPH. A NASCAR warm-up lap, if you will.

Rio Gallegos, Argentina

Imagine a deserted town in a Western film, minus the cowboys and rolling tumbleweeds. Not very frequented by tourists, the streets of Rio Gallegos can often be found empty, everyone brought indoors on account of the constant wind. Located at the far end of Argentina, the city can be routinely bombarded with gusts that reach roughly 63 MPH.

St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

St. John’s takes the cake as one of Canada’s windy pride and joys. Roughly 16 days of the year--about double the number of any other place in Canada, the city experiences wind gusts of nearly 39 MPH. It’s also ranks #2 on the list of Canada’s most brutal snowstorms, #4 on its list of heaviest rainstorms, and basically sounds like a pretty rough place to live.

Punta Arenas, Chile

Don’t come here if you’re sensitive to a little dirt and street debris flying in your eyes. Do come here if you’re willing to battle a daily 14.5 MPH year-round windspeed when you’re on your way to check out the nearby Torres del Paine National Park glaciers of Patagonia. Hey, everything in life takes a bit of sacrifice.

Dodge City, Kansas, United States

With a day-to-day breeze of about 13.9 MPH, one of the windiest cities in the United States (sorry, Chicago) has put its burden to better use. With a 67-turbine, 110-megawatt wind farm in the area’s Ford County, Dodge City claims to be one of the country’s centers of wind energy production.  

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