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How to Build a Better Community Pool


Anyone who learned to swim in the local community center near their childhood home likely recalls a nightmare of swim lane floats, cheap tiles, and the noxious stench of chlorine. More purposeful than stylish, these were places generally built with the sole function of getting bodies in a pool of water with no to little thought in regards to the space playing host to it all.  

When it comes to aesthetics, however, Italians really do always do it better. The Brescia Swimming Center, designed by Camillo Botticini Architetto and located in the northern stretches of the country, redefines what a community pool can look like. Easily mistaken from the outside as a high-end designer boutique or a modern mansion in the Hollywood Hills, the Center was intentionally made without the trappings of your typical sports center. Sleek black brick defines the space and juxtaposes nicely against the blue pools, both inside and out.

Architects, take note.   

Photos courtesy of Alessandro Galperti