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Lexus' Hoverboard Prototype


Ever since that Funny or Die skit came out a few years ago, wherein Christopher Lloyd and Tony Hawk brutally toyed with our emotions in claiming they had made Back to the Future’s hoverboard a reality, it feels like companies are racing to make the real deal. The prototypes thus far have been clunky and, well, not very cool. (Then again, will this ever actually be cool?)

Lexus has just delivered their effort to the cause, with their sleek--and, notably, steaming--board, Slide. Made by the brand’s Amazing in Motion division, the Slide features bamboo worthy of a sedan console and an exceptionally large logo. The aforementioned steam bit isn’t just a party trick; Slide utilizes magnetic levitation for the gravity-defying lift and the resulting heat gets cooled by liquid nitrogen, thereby creating the spectacle.

Will you be using this to get to work one day? Who knows. If not, a bike will always do you just fine.