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Super-glossed and hyper-slick, the work of New York-based fashion photographer Tim Richardson is hard to forget. In his work for Vogue, Dazed & Confused, and V Magazine (to name a few), as well as his commercial clients, Richardson harnesses a particularly forward aesthetic that transcends space and time. Whether shooting film or video, you’re sure to be transported into something otherworldly and unique.

ISAORA talks to the talented creative about his work, his relationship with New York City, and the importance of Sundays.

What’s your workday look like?

TR: My workday shape shifts constantly. If I’m shooting film, it starts with a pre-light. The core creative team meets early and I spend the day testing light, discussing camera moves, planning the shots, working through the set. The team on motion projects is large (40-80 people) so it’s a big set. On shoot days, I’m usually on set 8-12 hours per day, depending on the project. On print projects, the pre-light and shoot involve a smaller, more specialized crew.

My studio/office workdays start early. Three days out of the week, I begin with a training session at Mendez gym. I’m at my office by 10. The day typically involves research, creative meetings and concept development. I’m usually juggling 3-4 shoots at any one time. My agent (Art + Commerce) manage the logistics while I focus the creative direction. 

What’s a typical Sunday for you?

TR: Sundays are my “smell the roses” days. I try to do as little as possible. I might train but usually try and get outta the city. 

Hardest part about NYC:

TR: Compression. NYC has a way of making you forget how to take downtime. 

Things that make living in New York easier:

TR: My NY family (friends I’ve know for the last few years) usually keeps me sane.

Who or what do you find most inspiring here?

TR: The level of talent and opportunity is unlike any other place. You can take an idea to its best possible translation in NY.

How does New York feed your creative process?

TR: It’s like a creative amplifier for music, fashion, art and design. So inspiring. 

How does New York feed your creative process?

TR: It’s like a creative amplifier for music, fashion, art and design. So inspiring. 

Favorite type of person to pass on a New York City sidewalk:

TR: Every so often I see an extremist on the street—young or old—a person that wears what they want, when they want

Preferred mode of transport in NYC:

TR: Car or taxi.

What gets you out of bed every morning?

TR: The next step.

What’s the secret to living here?

TR: Belief.