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Learn more about ISAORA Rainwear and our 3L technology

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It took over two years of experimentation, but we’ve finally built the three pieces that definitively represent ISAORA’s guiding principles. By applying precision ultrasonic welding to fabrics from our most technical apparel, we were able to eliminate our reliance on stitching, perforations, and taped seams during production. This technique yielded a rainwear collection that embodies the intersection between all-season wearability, emphatic minimalism, and leading-edge performance. Don’t call it a reinvention, but these garments articulate the new standard of excellence we’re committing to from here on out. Enjoy.

Our waterproof, windproof and breathable system provides superior, durable protection from the elements while allowing perspiration vapor to move away from your base and midlayers, keeping your body warm, dry and happy.