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Our 3L fabric proves its worth. Made with precision-cut panels and fully-taped seams, the 3L Service Shell is like kryptonite to wet weather. Crafted out of an ultra-waterproof and highly breathable 3-layer Japanese nylon, this shell features multiple pockets, adjustable Velcro cuffs, and an adjustable hood.

  • Made with an ultralight water resistant 4-way stretch nylon perfect for life on the move

  • Articulated elbows ensure an unparalleled ergonomic fit

  • Ultrasonic welding creates waste-free, iron-clad bonds using high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations. Welded together without needle or thread, making it totally impermeable to the elements.

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Technical Features

  • Triple Layer

    We use a premium high-density nylon from Japan treated with a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish that protects the fabric—and you—from getting wet. The fabric is woven with mechanical stretch to ensure maximum freedom of movement and comfort. The inner membrane layer consists of millions of microscopic pores that are too small to allow water droplets to penetrate, but big enough to allow water vapor to pass through. So instead of trapping humidity next to your body like more unforgiving fabrics, this highly breathable material allows moisture to move freely from the inside to the outside where it can evaporate.

  • Seam Taped

    Constructed to keep things as bulk-free and light as possible. Laser cutting lets us keep things streamlined without needless fabric that adds weight. By bonding a non-porous tape to all interior seams, we ensure that there are no holes that air or water can pass through. The finished garment has maximum structural integrity and is completely clean finished with zero excess fabric.