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Introducing one of ISAORA’s most technologically advanced jackets to date. Developed by leading professionals in medicine, physics, and biology, the treatment we used in the down filling is loaded with thermo-reactive minerals that put your body heat to work, transforming it into something that gives you a measurable boost – infrared energy.

More than just a jacket. This is innovation that challenges our expectations of what clothing can be.

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  • Thermadown
    Powered by Celliant

    CELLIANT is a different kind of performance technology. ThermaDown incorporates CELLIANT's proprietary treatment and turns the Microlight IR Down Jacket into a vehicle of well-being. Using your own metabolism to maximize performance, ThermaDown acts as a catalyst that turns radiant body heat into useable energy.

Technical Features

  • How It Works

    The human body, while a marvel of nature, is in truth an inefficient machine. Over 60% of the energy we consume is lost to escaping body heat. Utilizing a thermo-reactive nano-coating, ThermaDown traps and converts radiant body heat into infrared energy. Medically proven to promote circulation, increase tissue oxygenation levels, and facilitate cell recovery, infrared light is a naturally occurring wavelength just outside the visible light spectrum that is widely recognized for having positive effects on the body and has long been used as a therapeutic treatment for conditions ranging from high blood pressure to muscle tears.

  • Proven Benefits

    Built with Celliant’s remarkable technology at its core, the Microlight IR Down Jacket is all about maximizing performance from the inside out and creating an optimized jacket for optimized performance. Numerous clinical and scientific trials have proven the benefits of Celliant’s infrared technology. CIRCULATION: Infrared energy boosts the flow of blood to tissue throughout the body, delivering vital nutrients while increasing oxygen levels. CELL PERFORMANCE AND RECOVERY: Higher levels of oxygen promote cell health and enhance cell function meaning injuries heal quicker, pain subsides faster, and stamina and endurance are amplified. TEMPERATURE REGULATION: The circulatory system is also the body’s heating and cooling regulator. Optimized bloodflow makes it easier for the body to maintain its ideal temperature.

  • HyperDRY Water-Resistant Down

    The down used for the Microlight IR Down Jacket incorporates an advanced HyperDRY nano-treatment, guaranteeing the most effective water resistant down on the market. Years of research and development have led to a process in which an invisible coating is applied to the individual down plumes. This coating does not compromise the texture or color of the fill, and in tests is proven to be up to 80% more effective than competing products. This matters because down only retains its remarkable insulating properties when dry. When wet the microscopic air pockets between the down plumes fill with water and lose their ability to trap air, and so their insulating power. Now you can stay warm, dry, and happy.


Water resistant fabric keeps you warm and dry on the outside. Superior technology keeps you healthy and energized on the inside.

  • Ultralight quilted fabric with DWR-finish

  • Filled with Celliant-treated ThermaDown™ to convert excess body heat into thermal energy

  • HyperDRY™ ThermaDown™ to maintain warmth while resisting wet conditions

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